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Bullock, LLC

A Limited Function Referral Only Real Estate Brokerage Services Site That Works For You!

About Us is the online presence for Bullock, LLC  - a Limited Function Referral Only Brokerage - created by Leo M. Bullock, IV a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker.


One of the firm's primary purposes is to create a way for Florida Real Estate Licensees to be able to earn commission referral fees with their active real estate license where they have elected not to belong to any Real Estate Board or Association of any kind and simply be involved with Real Estate by making referrals.


Click below to learn about the rules that allow us to make this opportunity possible.


Your Passion


Options Real Estate Agents Can Count On

Career Options For New Agents

You've worked hard to earn your Real Estate License and you want that credential to be used in a way that best aligns with your current needs and goals.


We provide the base platform brokerage from which a newly licensed agent can make referrals on a substantially exclusive basis to our affiliated brokerage - Eleven Beaches Real Estate Group - and get paid generous commissions on closed sales. When the time is right, you can switch from being a Referral Agent to a full blown Agent and join the Board or Association of your choice. 

Options For Experienced Agents

You've reached a point in your career or life where you want to spend a little less time working but you know that there is still money to be made from all the people that you know or people you casually come into contact with who still need real estate services. 

By keeping your Florida Real Estate License active, placed with us, and having a substantially exclusive referral relationship with us you'll be in a position to earn ongoing commissions on all of your referrals that get to closing. Additionally, you can switch back into a Board or Association Membership at any time.

Commission Options

We provide two options for earning referral commissions for Licensed Real Estate Agents.

Option One: Agents can earn a 30% referral commission on all of their closed referral transactions when they elect a no fee affiliation with us. 

Option Two: Agents can earn a full 50% commission on all of their closed referral transactions when they pay a $200.00 per year affiliation fee. 

In either case, Agents continue to have the responsibility to keep their license in good standing with the State.

Let's Talk About What's Important To You

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Bullock, LLC

Leonard M. Bullock, IV

Licensed Real Estate Broker

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